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Given return address, how to get the address of the function?

c assembly x86

MSR CPSR_C, #0x13 doesn't work using ARM assembly?

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GCC access memory above stack top [duplicate]

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ADDC versus ADD

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8086 OS-less programming; segmentation

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What is the difference between defining string as bytes (db) and defining strings as words/double words(dw/dd) in x86

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Assembly immediate values

assembly x86

In 64-bit ASM. Is there a nice way of NOTing only the bottom 32-bits of a register

x86 assembly

Does CR3 change when an interrupt is fired on x86 machines?

80386 - How does the cpu choose between movzbw and movzbl

assembly x86

Generating random numbers in assembly

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Intel FMA Instructions Offer Zero Performance Advantage

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Functions in our code make it slower?

Using printf in assembly leads to empty output when piping, but works on the terminal

NASM x86 using of nonexisting segment register 7

assembly x86 nasm

How do I determine if an EXE (or DLL) participate in ASLR, i.e. is relocatable?

Dlang - Understaning std.cycle() in assembly

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