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Round a POSIX date and time (posixct) to a date relative to a timezone

r date rounding posixct

Change row values to zero if less than row standard deviation

r rows standard-deviation

How to find all functions with methods for a given class


Read multiples of same columns in a fixed width file

r stata

Puzzling behavior in simple logical test applied to vector of values


Finding groups of contiguous numbers in a list [duplicate]

r list range contiguous

How to parse xml/sbml with R package xml?

r xml sbml

Sum in a Cross Table


`mean` not producing right answer

r mean

Is there a `par()` setting for plot area color?

r plot

apply a function to a nested list


R- Polynomial Linear model coefficients not fit predicted values of model

r linear-regression

Save traceback on error using tryCatch

r stack-trace cran

psych::principal - explanation for the order and naming of rotated (principal) components

r pca

Calculate degree, closeness and betweenness in R

r social-networking igraph sna

how to add to a file, rather than overwrite using write.csv

r csv

Choropleth map with R using shp file

r dictionary ggplot2 gis

Return list containing indices of each element in a vector


How do I group by a variable and list by a random order in data.table?

R ggplot2 - geom_histogram: levels/color removed in plot due to limiting y-scale

r ggplot2