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In RStudio, where is knitr markdown output located?

html r r-markdown rstudio knitr

String manipulation in R: remove specific pattern in multiple places without removing text in between instances of the pattern

r regex string

Determine dynamic window width: efficient rolling count of values which satisfy a condition

Change colour of pickerInput items in Shiny

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How to combine transmute with grep function?

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How do I assign a random seed to the dplyr sample_n function?

Llist dataframe names in Global environment [duplicate]

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How to set column value to last positive integer


How do I "restart" cur_group_id() in R [duplicate]

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How to get switch() to handle NA?

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Selecting rows based on the value of columns in other rows

Weighted means for groups in r - using aggregate and weighted.mean functions together


R Looping through two vectors

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How to create new columns based on values and names of existing columns in R?


Generate table with side-by-side node models of `partykit:mob()` object

R–Apply function to specific column in list


Scraping leaderboard table on golf website in R

r selenium rvest xml2

Automatic line break in ggtitle

r ggplot2 line-breaks ggtitle

Using dplyr::across with two sets of variables

r dplyr purrr across r-glue

Importance based variable reduction