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New posts in data.table

How do I group by a variable and list by a random order in data.table?

R: select range of columns in data.table

r select range data.table

How do I update a single row in each group?

r data.table

Use of .N and .SD in one call

r data.table

Aggregate only successive rows in data.table

r data.table

Nested groupings with data.table

r data.table

Aggregating duplicate rows by taking sum

r data.table plyr

data.table aggregation to list column

r data.table

dcast renaming all variables to start with a number

r data.table reshape2

ggvis use of " := " in combination with data.table

r data.table ggvis

Subset and join a data frame by matching on nested list in R

r dataframe data.table dplyr

Utilizing several reference values in a lookup table

r data.table

Working with temporary columns (created on-the-fly) more efficiently in a dataframe

r data.table dplyr

How to sum and count on a data.table grouped by values in R

r data.table

Why is it faster to evaluate in `j` than with `$` in a `data.table`?

r data.table

Issue with filtering data.table for dates - works with fixed date but not with variable

r date data.table

How to delete columns from a data.table based on values in column

r data.table

R data.table with variable number of columns

r data.table

Filter data.table by quantity of group

r data.table

Pivot rows into columns with values of counts for each measurement R

r data.table dplyr plyr reshape2