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New posts in dplyr

Using dplyr to connect to SSL-encrypted remote database

r ssl odbc rodbc dplyr

Subset and join a data frame by matching on nested list in R

r dataframe data.table dplyr

Using dplyr for exploratory plots

r plyr dplyr

dplyr: Combine multiple `count` + `mutate` statements per each variable into a single statement

r dplyr

hourly sums with dplyr with zeros for empty hours

r dplyr

R dplyr summarize_each --> "Error: cannot modify grouping variable"

r dplyr

Working with temporary columns (created on-the-fly) more efficiently in a dataframe

r data.table dplyr

using the magrittr tee %T>% operator creates error

r ggplot2 dplyr

use dplyr to get values of a column [duplicate]

r dplyr

Loop through each column and row, do stuff

r dplyr tidyr

How to retrieve more than 100000 rows from Redshift using R and dplyr

Summarize Table based on a Threshold

r dplyr plyr

Pivot rows into columns with values of counts for each measurement R

r data.table dplyr plyr reshape2

Apply custom function to two columns for every row in data frame in R

r dataframe dplyr

dplyr and ggplot in a function: use reorder in aes function

r ggplot2 dplyr

substr in dplyr %>% mutate

r dplyr

R dplyr column sort with alphanumeric characters

r dplyr

In R, how does group_by in dplyr work?

r dplyr

Automatically generate new variable names using dplyr mutate

r dplyr

How can I append data to a PostgreSQL table with `dplyr` without `collect()`?

r postgresql dplyr rpostgresql