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Optimal storage for string/integer pairs with fast lookup of strings?

How to create tabbed views for RAD Studio's tool components

delphi ide delphi-2010

Programmatical log in by providing credentials

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RegEx: text immediately after the last opened parenthesis

regex delphi

Accessing IXMLDOMDocument2 via TXMLDocument?

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Threads complete but loop doesn't end

The specified service is marked for deletion on a delphi application

How can I cast an object as an interface which is a generic type constraint in Delphi

delphi generics delphi-2010

How to use query on XML file in Delphi?

xml delphi

Controlling the master speaker volume in Windows 7

delphi volume delphi-2007

How to show DBGrid.Hint when hovering with the mouse on a cell?


delphi 2009, interface already released

How to release memory allocate in c++ dll in delphi application

Dcu file not found

delphi file-not-found dcu

Circular reference between class

Read Exif GPS info using Delphi

file delphi gps jpeg

In Delphi 7, how do I trace the order in which the units are being compiled?

delphi delphi-7

How do I set a sql query parameter in Delphi that contains an '@' [closed]

sql delphi parameters firebird

TWebbrowser massive memory leaks : no solution so far

DBGrid Highlighting the located row via code?