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Optimal storage for string/integer pairs with fast lookup of strings?

The specified service is marked for deletion on a delphi application

How to disable implicit building in packages? {$IMPLICITBUILD}

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Color VirtualStringTree rows with hidden nodes

Strange PTypeInfo name for generic integer

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Operator not applicable to this operand type

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Delphi XE2 New Service - Why does it include these VCL units?

delphi service delphi-xe2 vcl

Order by a field containing Numbers and Letters

sql delphi delphi-xe2 paradox

What does TDataModule.ClassGroup pseudo-property in Delphi XE2 really do?

Val does not work with UInt64?

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Why are some character constants 1 byte wide, and others 2 bytes wide?

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Emulate Keyboard Typing

How to define a procedure type that works for a local procedure? [closed]

How to find out if a directory exists on Delphi XE2 *correctly*?

Good quality code example of how to call an application and wait for it to exit

How to get rid of compiler warning confused by `continue`? [duplicate]

How to convert data types to call a COM procedure?

delphi com delphi-xe2

How do I delete a file?

How to pass a parameter to a query using dbExpress in Delphi

Where does Delphi get value the BDSCOMMONDIR from?

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