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New posts in purrr

How to extract results from safely in purrr?

r purrr

purrr::map equivalent to dplyr::do

r dplyr purrr

Couldn't find "contains" function in "purrr" package in R

r contains purrr

Loading in multiple .rda files into a list in r

r save purrr rda

Creating a list of quosures using purrr

r purrr tidyeval

tidyverse: Cross tables of one variable with all other variables in data.frame

Filter try-error objects from a column / list (dplyr but also more general)

r dplyr purrr

passing ellipsis arguments to map function purrr package, R

r ellipsis purrr

R - Appending multiple level 2 elements to each level 1 element of a list by name

r list data-manipulation purrr

Replacing NA of numbered column in list of data frames

r list replace na purrr

turning lists of lists of lists into a dataframe

r list dataframe lapply purrr

Using dplyr::across with two sets of variables

r dplyr purrr across r-glue

Conditionally rename columns in list, based on separate character vector stored in data.frame

r tidyverse rename purrr

readLines killing R in purrr::map

r purrr

Accessing grouping variables in purrr::map() with nested dataframes

r dplyr tidyr purrr

Convert list column to column of strings

r dplyr tostring purrr

printing ggplot with purrr map

r ggplot2 purrr

Understanding how the accumulate function works

r purrr accumulate

How to spread a single column into wide format with 0 and 1 as values defined conditionally?

Get all possible combinations in a time-series data with variable daily readings

r dplyr purrr