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Adding google-test to a subfolder in a CMake project

cmake googletest

How do I suppress Xcode from generating a folder named after the build configuration in cmake?

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set up Xerces on ubuntu 12.04 to use with cmake and clang

CMake: enforcing a relationship between namespaces and library file names

(How) can I suppress the warning that a package configuration file was not found?

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ctest does not find valgrind

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Visual Studio 2013 and Cmake?

Clion: How to properly add images, xml, resources... to cmake

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Exporting cmake-gui options

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cmake - Is it possible to link executable to shared library with relative path at runtime?

c++ cmake shared-libraries

CPack: How to perform multiple CPACK_NSIS_EXTRA_INSTALL_COMMANDS?

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CMake + Ninja build does not parallelize across libraries

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Getting CMake to build shared library for MSVC [duplicate]

visual-c++ cmake

CMake AUTOMOC with files on different folders

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CMake with VIsual Studio 2015 and Clang

How to stop/trick cmake into not rebuilding if a header file was changed then reverted?

c++ makefile cmake

fatal error LNK1112: module machine type 'x64' conflicts with target machine type 'X86' Visual studio 2010 and cmake

visual-studio-2010 cmake

How to add OpenGL library in CLion?

opengl cmake clion

How to make include directories added with AUTOUIC available to downstream targets?

c++ qt cmake

C++ linker flags in CMake

c++ cmake