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Exporting cmake-gui options

I have a library with a bunch of different configuration options. We usually configure the build with cmake-gui and ticking a few checkboxes.

I want to automate this into a .sh script using just cmake.

In GUI -> selects a bunch of different options
equivalent cmake command -> cmake -D CMAKE_XXX=X -D CMAKE_XXY=XXY [a bunch of options here] ..

How can I find the "equivalent" cmake command-line command to any arbitrary configuration I choose from the GUI?

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ButterDog Avatar asked Mar 17 '23 00:03


1 Answers

The equivalent cmake command to cache a variable is explained here (-D option). Note that previous documentation was ambiguous, so take care of always checking the latest one.



You have to specify also the type to have the variable cached in the same way as through your cmake-gui procedure. Note that variable definition is necessary only the first time: if not specified anymore, the cached value will be used.

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Antonio Avatar answered Mar 18 '23 14:03