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Clion: How to properly add images, xml, resources... to cmake

c++ cmake clion

How can I use CLion (1.2.4) for a project involving Qt Creator?

c++ qt-creator clion

How to add OpenGL library in CLion?

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How to catch glaring undefined behavior statically?

CMake not linking Python

How to setup CLion with portable Clang on ubuntu?

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Clion doesn't print to console

c clion

CMake syntax highligh and helper in Android Studio

CLion can't find shared library when running an executable

c++ cmake clion

CLion "Expression can be simplified" message on bitwise operation

c clion

Clion code formatting to align variables

c++ c clion

How to set CLion custom CMake executable to a version installed with Homebrew?

cmake homebrew clion

CLion is automatically printing back input from standard input, is there any fix for this?

c++ cmake mingw clion

Why can't I configure a CMake target with CLion (Nothing to run on)?

Jetbrains IDE: How to generate custom "todo" tags?

How can I expand the max width of the Run Tool Window in Clion/Intellij?

intellij-idea clion

Automatically copy executable to directory after build in CLion? (using CMake)

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CLion build depend targets

cmake clion

CLion Indexing in Makefile project