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How to populate the modified_by with the user_id of who made the update to the record using laravel 5.1?

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Calling different methods from different traits in scala with multiple inheritance

How to implement a trait with a generic case class that creates a dataset in Scala

How to define a variable that conforms to a trait in Rust? [duplicate]

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Can I override a type parmeterized method with concrete type in scala?

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Generics plus dynamic dispatch

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override and implement fn from class in interface

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Force Scala traits to be incompatible

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How can I implement Deref for a struct that holds an Rc<Refcell<Trait>>?

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How to pass a boxed trait object by value in Rust?

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Do will traits only apply to objects?

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Is there a way to remove a Trait from an instance in Scala?

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Trigger an event in Python traits package when an Array element is changed

slick 'n scala : a TableQuery object without .ddl field

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Tell whether the template argument is a struct

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Simple organization of Rust traits for "polymorphic" return

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Trait method that can be implemented to either return a reference or an owned value

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How do you create a generic function in Rust with a trait requiring a lifetime?

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Why can't I push into a Vec of dyn Trait unless I use a temporary variable?

Rust String vs &str iterators

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