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How to print a latex section title from the R code using knitr?

r printing latex knitr cat

Document preparation in Isabelle

latex isabelle

How do I print superscripts in a table using xtable and sweave?

r latex sweave xtable

object pdflatex not found on Windows 7

Character vector in R as itemized list with knitr

r latex knitr

Function to sanitize strings for LaTeX compilation?

r latex knitr sweave

How to automatically use git diff --word-diff option for *.tex files but not others?

git latex git-diff

How to run binary like `pdflatex` on AWS Lambda?

Pandoc: multiple footnotes next to one another?

latex pandoc pdflatex

Align xtable caption left in knitr

r latex knitr xtable

Rmd to PDF compiling error: Package geometry \paperwidth (0.0pt) too short

r latex r-markdown knitr

LaTeX table too wide, how can I make it fit?


How to ignore comments in the LaTeX file with ispell (within Emacs if possible)

LaTeX: how to use a required arg as the default for an optional one?

latex definition tex

Bookmark level difference when using hyperref

latex hyperref

How to right justify on the same line in LaTex?

layout latex

LaTeX \cite giving a [?]

latex tex bibtex

How to indicate "accessed" attribute in Bibtex file when citing urls with IEEE?

url latex bibtex citations ieee

Single column, long index pages in LaTeX

latex indexing

Latex: Extracting the sty files of all the used packages

latex package