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Wrong type argument: listp, eval-after-load in .dir-locals.el

emacs eval-after-load

Emacs equivalent of Vim's word motion and change in-line word

vim emacs editing

How to replace a \string with a non-backslashed string in emacs abbrev mode?

emacs macros substitution tex

How to provide a "double prefix argument" programmatically?


Emacs disable-theme after loading a different one (themes conflict)


C Comment in Emacs - Linux Kernel Style

emacs comments elisp

deft mode terribly slow

emacs emacs24

Using Kawa in Emacs

emacs kawa

Emacs: can I limit a number of lines in a buffer

debugging emacs lisp elisp

How to get rlwrap to work inside Emacs' shell / eshell?

shell emacs eshell rlwrap

How to interrupt tramp from reading a big file

emacs tramp

Hide/change Emacs fringe bent arrows due to word wrapping?

emacs word-wrap emacs24 fringe

How do I disable electric indent on RET but still keep other electric characters (e.g., ‘{’)?

emacs (org-mode/helm-google) open links in eww?

emacs org-mode eww

increment numbers in visual vertical block selection in emacs evil

emacs elisp evil-mode

How to escape '|" character into an org-mode table

emacs org-mode

Emacs mode/method for logic symbol placement in text?


Does there exist an emacs intelligent parenthesis matching plugin/configuration?

emacs elisp

Emacs can't find package to install

emacs projectile melpa

Emacs - require-final-newline local value overrides global value

emacs emacs24 emacs-prelude