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How do I record and/or create a vim macro that includes the character 'q' in normal mode?

vim macros

Only run a highlighting rule as a nextgroup in syntax file?

vim syntax highlight

ctags vim - go to method definition in same python class

python vim ctags

How do you change the default ESC to exit insert mode in LightTable's Vim?

vim lighttable

Ctrl + X not decrementing number by specified amount


When searching do "skip bottom, jump to the top" of the file


Jump to last position in current file


How can I clear Vim's interface of the PyLint marks?

vim pylint python-mode

Emacs equivalent of Vim's word motion and change in-line word

vim emacs editing

How to get command line arguments from VimL?

vim argv argc

How to get 'filetype' of a buffer specified by a number?


Make % working on "begin" or "end" in a SQL block


Override vim command for yank


Can Vim NerdTree be used as a buffer explorer

vim nerdtree

How to select words from inside current word and backwards in vim


Break out from Vim insert mode when pasting

security vim

How do I change the default save location in Vim?

windows vim directory

Vim: yank and paste line and maintain column postition


Why does vim sometimes show ^M and sometimes not (even if they are there)?

vim sed eol

Open a Lua .love file in Vim

vim lua zip love2d