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How to delete non-contiguous duplicate lines in vi without sorting?

shell unix vi

is there a way to exit the modeless vi without closing the window?

linux vim terminal vi

what's the syntax for telling VI to read/write a source file with soft-tabs and a specified indentation?

emacs vim vi

how to copy from other file in vi editor

linux vi

How can I stop VI from overlapping and hiding the last page of command line output?

bash vim vi gnu-screen

File Manager tab in vim

vim vi

How can I search for and then copy the lines in vi/vim?

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Automatically generate values for #define using vi[m]

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Vim colors not showing in tmux

vi tmux

How to change the default text editor in R when in Linux?

linux r vi

Vim fast way to modify method arguments

vim vi

First occurrence on every line vi/vim/sed etc

regex vim sed awk vi

Move forward/backwards one word in command mode?

vim vi

Set alternating highlight colors to text in Vim?

linux vi vim

What is difference between :o and :e in vim when using these command to load a file into the buffer?

vim vi

How to make a keybind in vim, that lets the user insert, the repeats the insertion?

vim latex vi keymapping

losing text while pasting into vi

macos vim copy-paste vi

How can I duplicate lines matching a pattern, and modify the second line, all in one command?

vim vi

VI delete everything except a pattern

regex vim pattern-matching vi

Append to line in vim matching regex

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