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linux bash unix

split a string from a sequence, with regex

regex bash

Unix: cat-ing a file out to itself - why does this blank the file? [duplicate]

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Ncurses reading numpad keys and escaping

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Reorder columns in a CSV file by number

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Get sha of the last commit before pull

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Moving a file and adding the date to the filename

bash rename mv

What is wrong with using $(date "+%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S") in a cron job?

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Bash - Printing Directory Files

linux bash shell unix

Folders tree with rights

How to fill an array with values in a for loop

arrays linux bash shell

Using PV to Count lines and show total lines rather then total bytes in the pipe

linux bash unix pipe

Bash, Always display colored bar at top of screen


Matching regex in bash

regex bash

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bash escaping spaces

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