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Protecting arguments containing spaces from eval

linux bash shell unix eval

How to delete non-contiguous duplicate lines in vi without sorting?

shell unix vi

Is there a rate calculator utility in unix/bash?

bash unix command tail rate

How can I make a log file from a specific application database-file in bash?

bash unix shellcode logfile

how to speedup following sed command

macos unix sed

Write File Using another group in Linux

linux shell unix

Why does (ps -f) create no subshell but a separate process?

linux shell unix

Docker doesn't RUN command as USER

unix docker virtualization

merge two csv files according to matching rows and add new columns in linux

linux unix

how to execute multiple commands after sudo command

linux shell unix

equivalent to the find coreutil command in python 3 for recursively returning all files and folders in a directory structure?

python unix python-3.x

How can I launch multiple xterm windows and run a command on each, leaving each window open afterward?

linux bash unix ssh xterm

Is date +%s result in local time zone or in UTC?

date unix timestamp utc

top: counting the number of processes belonging to a user

linux macos shell unix

List all git local branches that start with string

bash shell unix git-bash

Why do I get a result many thousands of years in the future when I call UnixToDateTime?

Most efficient way to delete old files using bash

bash unix find

Copy file from Windows to Linux via scp (from Linux) [closed]

linux unix ssh scp

Duplicate, but still use stdout

c file unix dup2

Can I multiple run npm installs simultaneously

unix terminal npm