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Search for a column by name in awk

shell unix awk

Is it possible to read the TTL IP header field when receiving UDP packets?

c sockets unix

UNIX: List files in directory with relative path [closed]

linux macos unix

How do I properly quote this bash pipeline for watch?

linux bash unix

Unix: cat-ing a file out to itself - why does this blank the file? [duplicate]

bash unix sorting pipe cat

Finding out if a binary file has been compiled with stack smashing protection

Bash - Printing Directory Files

linux bash shell unix

Grep to extract the word matching the given pattern

shell unix

Socket Programming in C(Client Server Example)

c sockets unix client-server

How to grep multiple terms and output in the order of the search?

macos unix command-line grep

Using PV to Count lines and show total lines rather then total bytes in the pipe

linux bash unix pipe

Java: is there a way to run a system command and print the output during execution?

java python unix stream output

hexadecimal literals in awk patterns

macos unix awk

Is there a C function to get permissions of a file?

c unix permissions strtol

Protecting arguments containing spaces from eval

linux bash shell unix eval

How to delete non-contiguous duplicate lines in vi without sorting?

shell unix vi

Is there a rate calculator utility in unix/bash?

bash unix command tail rate

How can I make a log file from a specific application database-file in bash?

bash unix shellcode logfile

how to speedup following sed command

macos unix sed

Write File Using another group in Linux

linux shell unix