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New posts in vb6

Upgrade VB6 Container Class to VB.NET

VBA getting values from a collection?

json vba excel vb6

Equivalent of (VB6) IsMissing in C#?

c# vb6 vb6-migration

Extract largest numeric sequence from string (regex, or?)

regex vba vb6

How do I declare MAX_DOUBLE in VB6?

ide vb6 constants max minimum

VB6: enabling mousewheel for controls

vb6 mousewheel

How to convert Application.PrevInstance in VB 6.0 to VB.NET?

vb6 vb6-migration

VB6 - WinHttpRequest Timouts Problem

vb6 timeout webrequest

How to select an item ( maybe item row ) in a listview in vb6?

listview vb6

Debugging VB6 dll from VB6 exe

dll vb6

What does Format$ with argument "00" do in VB6?


VB6 and C# regexes

regex c#-4.0 vb6 vb6-migration

Show UserControl in Form VB6

forms user-controls vb6

check OS and processor is 32 bit or 64 bit?

vb6 wmi

Making the VB compiler warn when I don't declare variables properly

variables vb6 type-safety

Rijndael / AES from C# to VB6

What's the best way of timing functions / measuring performance in VB6?

VB6 API Declaration Path

api vb6 zlib

Register ActiveX exe server using WiX

Classic ASP in ASP.NET MVC (C#)

c# asp.net-mvc vb6 asp-classic