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New posts in wpf

virtual keyboard wpf

c# wpf xaml keyboard

MVVM - Collection with polymorphism

c# wpf mvvm .net-4.0

Avoid from running more than one instance

c# wpf mutex

Is this the right way to shutdown prism application without default exit button?

.net wpf mvvm prism

TextBox's Text set through DataTrigger not updating the property value in Model

wpf datatrigger

Combining LineGeometry with EllipseGeometry (in code, not XAML)

c# wpf geometry shapes

How to get row's and cell's index of a just edited cell in DataGrid

c# wpf datagrid

WPF - DataGrid shall not handle Ctrl+A

Why use a Dependency Injection container?

WPF Datagrid edit cell issue

wpf mvvm datagrid

UserControl within a ControlTemplate

wpf telerik controltemplate

How get the Unity3D View In wpf winform

c# wpf unity3d

Observable CollectionViewSource

c# .net wpf xaml data-binding

How to create a bottom panel without auto-hide using AvalonDock 2.0?

c# wpf avalondock

EF 5: How to cancel a longrunning query in a async Task

c# .net wpf entity-framework

Why do many WPF-classes store boolean values as enum-flags?

Remove from Observable collection in ViewModel does not update View, but Updates of Existing Items does update View

Emulating iOS and Android built-in browsers on Windows with WebKit

c# wpf webkit webkit.net

Update UI when Entity Model changes in ViewModel

Bind width of popup to width of other control with some margin