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virtual keyboard wpf

I am developing a WPF application that will need to a virtual keyboard . In addition, the application contains windows that need only numeric keyboard and other windows needed the hole keyboard (26 lettres + 10 numbers). I don't know if there is a tool that can do it or i must design my own keyboard.

What is the best tool to accomplish this task?

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Lamloumi Afif Avatar asked Mar 25 '23 09:03

Lamloumi Afif

2 Answers

What is the best tool to accomplish this task?

Don't know whether its the best tool, but this one has The Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) and should do for your needs:

A Software Virtual Keyboard for Your WPF-Apps

Other answer suggests: WPF Touch Screen Keyboard which has the same license, note the last release is from 2009.

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Ofiris Avatar answered Apr 02 '23 05:04


Im using this http://wpfkb.codeplex.com/ and its works fine for me. You can modify it after needs..

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Tan Avatar answered Apr 02 '23 06:04