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New posts in .net-4.0

MVVM - Collection with polymorphism

c# wpf mvvm .net-4.0

Attempt by method 'System.Web.Helpers.Json.Decode(System.String)' to access field 'System.Web.Helpers.Json._serializer' failed

json c#-4.0 .net-4.0

Queue<T> thread-safety: one writer, one reader

How to use Parallel.ForEach method with Dynamic objects

Change TextBlock Background based on the value of Text

c# wpf xaml .net-4.0

Are Linq's Skip and Take optimized for arrays? [4.0 edition]

c# .net arrays linq .net-4.0

Different behaviour when collection modified between Dictionary and ConcurrentDictionary

ScrollBar doesn't scroll on Select()

Is there a way to tell which Tasks are currently running in Task Parallel Library?

Weird override problem with Fluent NHibernate and .NET 4

.Net 4.0, New methods in existing classes


How to get web cam images in C#?

How to create NAMED-PIPE in .NET-4?

c# .net-4.0

Cache with timeout using .Net 4 & Concurrent Collections

ASP.NET MVC 2/.NET 4/Razor - Can't use Any() extension method on a ViewModel member

Does the mdbg managed debugger sample exist for .NET 4.0?

.net .net-4.0 debugging mdbg

Where can I find a tool to look at objects in memory?

c# memory .net-4.0

Can a year have 364 days?

date .net-4.0 comments

Lambda for nested arrays

c# .net arrays .net-4.0 lambda

Can not figure out why this will not compile

c# .net .net-4.0