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Solr performance with commitWithin does not make sense

performance solr commit solrj

Does schema change require reindex of all Solr documents or just documents containing the changed schema fields?

solr schema reindex

Is Solr SuggestComponent able to return shingles instead of whole field values?

Solr: Scores As Percentages

search solr lucene

Expected: OBJECT_START but got ARRAY_START at [16]

json ubuntu solr

How to correctly boost results in Solr Dismax query

search lucene solr

How do I search set of keywords from keywords field in Solr?

apache syntax solr

Solrj: how to specify path

Connecting a rails application with sunspot to a tomcat/solr server with authorization

solr scoring - fieldnorm

solr scoring

using Solr with IIS [closed]

apache iis asp-classic solr

Solr edismax wildcard search does not find original string

solr edismax

Distributed search using solrj?

solr solrj

In Solr, why use different analyzers for index vs query?

solr lucene

inputting arbitrary xml in solr

xml solr

textual content without metadata from Tika via SolrCell

solr apache-tika solr-cell

Index linear growth - Performance degradation

How do I index rich-format documents contained as database BLOBs with Solr 4.0+?

unable to determine zookeeper ensemble health

SOLR faceted-search to return facet counts as with OR operator

solr faceted-search facet