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How to void type conversion in R's apply (bit64 example)

r 64-bit sapply

Invalid Length Argument

Why are sapply() and options() "undesirable"?

r sapply lintr

get the lengths of element of lists of list in R

r list lapply sapply

How to get switch() to handle NA?

r sapply

sapply in R, how to use?

r sapply

What is the precise meaning of the quoted square bracket passed as a parameter to apply functions? [duplicate]

r syntax lapply sapply

data.frame: create column by applying a function to groups of rows

r dataframe sapply

Determining if one value occurs once in a row of columns, but a second value doesn't occur at all

r sapply

Simplify apply, sapply apply expression on list of matrices

r sapply

means and SD for columns in a dataframe with NA values

Difference between apply and sapply for data frame columns?

r dataframe apply sapply

sapply - retain column names

r sapply columnname

weighted means by group and column

r for-loop apply sapply

sapply equivalent in python?

python r sapply

Retrieving sentence score based on values of words in a dictionary

r dplyr lapply sapply stringi

R: How do you apply grep() in lapply()

r lapply sapply tapply

R - finding pattern in a column and replacing it (more efficient solution)

r substring sapply

Ignore NA's in sapply function

function r sapply