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How do you chain an arbitrarily long series of atomic parsers using applicatives?

Lazy generation of pairs of adjacent elements in a "circular list"

Haskell - Does a replace function exist?

list haskell nested replace

Is jsonToRepJson broken?

haskell yesod

Writing fusible O(1) update for vector

haskell vector stream fusion

Need an efficient way to turn (Seq Data.Text) to Data.Text


How do the implementation of Eq typeclass function: x == y = not (x /= y) x /= y = not (x == y) work?

How would you make a monad instance of this coroutine?

haskell coroutine

Explanation for this simple looking haskell program (dynamic programming)

Haskell List and Control.Lens

list haskell haskell-lens

Initialize benchmark in criterion and exclude initialization time from results

haskell haskell-criterion

Serving specific html file in yesod

haskell yesod

I can't seem to set the value of a char in haskell?

haskell char

Why can't I generalize this from Monad to Applicative?

haskell monads applicative

getCPUTime only returns two values (0 or 15625000000) - is this correct?

windows haskell time

Haskell could not unify type instance equations

haskell ghc

Parsing Printable Text File in Haskell

parsing haskell text

Automatically recalculate results

Apply a function to each element of a matrix

haskell matrix

Haskell Bytestring to Float Array

haskell bytestring