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How to handle deps while using rebar to release?

erlang rebar

Implementing an efficient binary search in Erlang

erlang binary-search

Erlang Cowboy change server signature in HTTP headers

http rest erlang cowboy

How to use sync properly with application built using relx release assembler?

erlang cowboy relx

Make a process sleep for a random time - Erlang


How do I get request body in phoenix?

Value of binary changing after NIF calls Erlang

communicating between http handler and websocket handler in Cowboy

websocket erlang cowboy

How can I build an Elixir escript that does not halt the Erlang VM after execution (like elixir --no-halt)

Elixir exrm release crashes on eredis start_link

erlang elixir exrm

Erlang: Returning a function from a function


Erlang and Elixir's colorful REPL shells

erlang elixir erlang-shell

Is there a way to check if a string is alphanumeric in erlang

string erlang alphanumeric

What's the difference in functionality between these two blocks of code?


Pattern matching key in Erlang maps

Joining literal text to a variable (string concatenation) in Erlang


Is it possible to cancel a message while it's being sent?


Where can I get the latest specification of Erlang BEAM VM?

How to start an iex session with cookie and erl options

How to test handle_cast in a GenServer properly?