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Which continuous integration software do you use? [closed]

Google says there are:

  • Jenkins ( first impression: not lightweight )
  • Cruise control ( first impression: not lightweight )
  • Bitten ( seems to be dead, last ticket >8 months old)
  • BuildBot

But BuildBot seems a bit outdated, offering no statistics, not very intuitive to configure... Features we are interested in are:

  • Multi platform support for build slaves: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
  • Easy build slave setup
  • Mercurial support with branch sensitivity
  • Scheduled builds
  • Commit-hook builds
  • Email notification with full debug output
  • Trac integration would be nice but is not a must-have feature

Edit: I favour Jenkins over Hudson by now, since its the real open source fork of Hudson. Oracle just failed.

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math Avatar asked Oct 13 '10 07:10


4 Answers

Hudson is my recommendation. It's easy to setup and use, it's free, there are a large amount of third-party plugins and good community support.

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Bernard Avatar answered Nov 13 '22 19:11


TeamCity by JetBrains.

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OliCoder Avatar answered Nov 13 '22 19:11


Google says there are: [...]

There is a huge wikipedia page on CI software comparison:


Personally I am also using buildbot and I think it could fulfill all of your requirements. It's a bit of work to setup because it is a distributed application but frankly as pyfunc said it's a breeze to setup a new slave once you know what two commands to type (one is an "easy_install", the other one a "buildbot create-slave" with the right options).

Also it is still under heavy development and I chose it because it is easily extensible, whereas XML-based tools are confined to the types of build specs which were coded in the tool: perfect for Java/Ant/Maven projects but it can be limited for slightly more complex ones (e.g., involving DB, or embedded software, etc.).

Hope it'll help.


= The act of automating doesn't solve problems, it just automates them --Joseph Weizenbaum =

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Christophe Muller Avatar answered Nov 13 '22 18:11

Christophe Muller

I have used Hudson with Mercurial and found it to be excellent. The Feeds, web site, status reports, etc. were all "just the right size" for us in a 20 person shop. Just run it in a VM and forget about it; we did.

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Ry4an Brase Avatar answered Nov 13 '22 19:11

Ry4an Brase