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New posts in xslt

How to return text of node without child nodes text

xslt return

increment counter in XSLT 1.0


perform XSLT Transform in intelliJ on files with other extension (e.g. DITA, HTML)

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Using xsl:choose for updating a single element attribute


Put double quotes around a value in XSLT

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XSL value-of doesn't seem to get value from the xml

xml xslt xsd value-of

XSLT: Copy attribute into a new element in the child

xslt attributes copy element

Split large xml file with xslt 2.0

xml xslt split xslt-2.0 saxon

Add two values in xslt that sometimes can be null

xml xslt xslt-1.0

xslt optimisation: access child multiple time or use variable

xml xslt

XSLT: How to get position index of particular nodes in all the childs combined

xml xslt xpath

Using concat() with a separator in XSLT 1.0

xml xslt xpath xslt-1.0

XSLT - find position() when inside a nested for-each

how to find the current date in XSLT 1.0

xml xslt

Convert XML using XSLT in R

xml r xslt

What is the function of the count() in this xpath?

xml xslt xpath

Count number of character in a variable in XSLT 2.0

xml xslt

Converting Dates from Names to Numbers in XSLT

xml date xslt

xslt: Is there any way to reference the root node?

xslt xslt-1.0

Can XPath do a foreign key lookup across two subtrees of an XML?

xml xslt xpath subtree xslkey