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New posts in xslt-2.0

Split large xml file with xslt 2.0

xml xslt split xslt-2.0 saxon

XSLT - find position() when inside a nested for-each

XSLT 2.0 group-adjacent based on attribute value

xml xslt-2.0

XSL - Remove non breaking space

xslt xslt-2.0 xslt-1.0

XSLT 2.0 Solution for Merging Sibling Elements With Same Name and Attribute Value

xslt xslt-2.0

replace substrings using lookup table with xslt

xslt xslt-2.0

Memory efficient XSLT for transforming large XML files

xslt: How can I apply two templates to the same node during processing?

xml xslt-2.0

How to split text and preserve HTML tags (XSLT 2.0)

html xslt xslt-2.0

Can you use <xsl:for-each> to go through attributes?

xslt foreach xslt-2.0

xsl template match a node with specific value

xslt xslt-2.0

Use XSLT to mark up text matching regex?

xml xslt unicode xslt-2.0 saxon

NamesSpace removal from XSLT

xml xslt namespaces xslt-2.0

How to count the number of same immediate preceding siblings in xsl

xslt xslt-2.0

What is the range of count attribute in xslt?

xml xslt xslt-2.0

xsl: Can a named template return a node list?

xslt xslt-2.0

Meaning of "context" in regard to parameters of a calling template

xslt parameters xslt-2.0

xsl:choose check all xsl:when conditions

xslt xslt-2.0

dynamic xpath in xslt?

xslt xslt-2.0

Assigning a string to a variable depending on condition in xslt

xml xslt xpath xslt-1.0 xslt-2.0