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XSLT: How to get position index of particular nodes in all the childs combined

xml xslt xpath

Using concat() with a separator in XSLT 1.0

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What is the function of the count() in this xpath?

xml xslt xpath

MySQL xpath concatenation operator, how to add space?

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XPath expression using "and" doesn't work in Microsoft Edge?

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XPath select everything until first <br />

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how to convert objects into nodes

How to use AND operator in XPath?

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Selenium - how to find elements by attribute with any value in Java?

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How to use Perl's XML::XPath with non-English element names?

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Is there a way to add script to add new functions in evaluate() context of chrome+puppeeter?

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Can XPath do a foreign key lookup across two subtrees of an XML?

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XML parsing with C#, XPath

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XPath Select node from current node value when the two attribute names are the same

xml xslt xpath

Grandchildren of an element (XPath)

xml xpath

XPath Subset Selection

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