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Applying validation from HList to a case class

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Vector of Any to Shapeless HList

LabelledGeneric to get class name

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Scala Map with generic classes as Key/Value types

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Type inference on contents of shapeless HList

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How can I customize Scala ambiguous implicit errors when using shapeless type inequalities

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Scala Type Based Attribute Extractor - Getter only Lens?

When can Scala's implicitly return null?

Inferred type of function that zips HLists

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Meaning of `::` in Type Parameter?

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Case Classes with Same Shape?

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Summing "Large" Nat's

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Scala: type-based list partitioning

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Creating Monoids for every subclass using Scalaz (or Shapeless)

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Decreasing the compilation time when using shapeless HList

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When is an empty HList not an HList?

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Generically rewriting Scala case classes

Evidence that types are not equal in Scala [duplicate]