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Load library in a java shebang script

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Does Spring Version 4.3.20 work with Java 11? [duplicate]

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Download OpenJDK Java 11.0.11+9 from Oracle without using a third-party vendor [closed]

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Regex \p{Cs} not matching symbol in Java 16

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Difference between Pattern.asMatchPredicate and Pattern.asPredicate

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How to launch single-file programs in Java 11 (or later)?

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Use graalvm via the standard JDK 11

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jdeps command use with `--multi-release` option failed

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IllegalStateException: No language and polyglot implementation was found on the classpath. Make sure the truffle-api.jar is on the classpath

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Java 11 GC timestamp

Java 11 with gradle: must specify an absolute path but is ${tools.jar}

Upgrading to Java 11 from Java 8 - package sun.util does not exist

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Java Streams - Collecting to a Map With GroupingBy and Counting, But Count 0 If A Specific Field Is Null [duplicate]

Has conversion between Instant and Date changed from Java 8 to 11?

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