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Git flow track - already exists

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How can I switch git branches when there is an untracked file error?

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what does using gitflow offer a git user?

Merging release into master with no resulting diff

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Feature branches in remote not getting deleted

How do you use git in "solo-development" (without team)?

What is the difference between git feature, release and hotfix?

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prevent some commit/code to be merged into master

How do I get current git tag without git binary?

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Different TeamCity build counter per git branch

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Can Git-Flow and branch-per-issue workflow in JIRA work together?

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Git Flow: Excluding certain feature in release branch

git git-flow

using git-flow with multiple git repositories per project/app?

git git-flow

How to branch and include changes in pending pull request

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Git-flow fails with "fatal: no tag message? / Tagging failed. Please run finish again to retry"

git git-flow

Maven: Bind plugin execution to the execution of another plugin, not to a lifecycle phase