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unable to curl a git tag

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How to setup TFS 2013 build definition to build from Git tag?

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Why isn't my tag listed when I checkout with Git GUI?

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Making changes to a git tag and repushing

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Get latest git tag from the current commit

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How to tag and version automatically on build using Azure Devops and Cake Build?

Github Action triggered on push tag, does trigger after deleting tag and pushing again but will use old version of code

GitPython: getting the latest tag of a remote repo

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Delete an (unmerged) Git branch when it is no longer active?

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git subtree split - the tags are not transferred

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How can I work out time difference between git tag and the original commit

git git-tag

Is there a way to prepare git tag messages?

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Can git tags be reused

git git-tag

Git: find all tags, reachable from a commit

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Display latest tag in a commit with multiple tags

git git-tag

Will cherry-picking on a tag affect the latter?

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TFS 2017 Update 2 - Cannot Edit/Delete Git Tag

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Git: Converting tag to branch in remote repo

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Git tagging questions

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