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How to push tags with git subtree?

git git-subtree

Cloning subtree/subdirectory of git repo

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How do I cut a git repository in two? [duplicate]

git subtree pull -P whatever <repo> <ref> always merge conflict

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svn to git migration with nested svn:externals

Moving a git subtree into different repository

git git-subtree

git subtree split - the tags are not transferred

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Can't push subtree using sourcetree

How to use git subtree to add local repo?

git git-subtree

Git: is there a way to auto push a subtree?

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Join history of older version of the same repository

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Pushing subtrees in a git repo

git git-subtree

The library is not added to the git via the git subtree

git git-subtree

Git subtree merge strategy or subtree command?

Splitting many subdirectories into a new, separate Git repository

What is the difference between "git subtree pull" and "git pull -s subtree"

git git-subtree

git push a sub-directory into another main repo

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