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Will code after eval(die "some error message") continue to be executed?

perl eval die

How to implement a PHP function `die()` (or `exit()`) in Go?

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PHP Die question

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Handling errors and continuing execution in PHP script

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Does "mysql_query() or die()" leave open mysql connection?

CodeIgniter: View doesn't load if I use die() function

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How do I handle both caught and uncaught errors in a Perl subroutine?

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register_shutdown_function() and die()

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Perl: How to "die" with no error message?

perl die

How do you catch a buggy sig die handler if the mechanism to debug code that everyone uses overrides it?

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What is the correct way to die with an error but without a stack trace in perl?

perl error-handling die

Why do I need to localize $@ before using eval?

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Is there a C equivalent for Perl's Carp module?

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Ignore exit() and die() with PHPUnit

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Multiple instances of header() + die() in single code line

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How can I redirect output of die function to a file in Perl?

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Can a Perl system() call ever die?

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Perl die() call mysteriously not dying

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How do I test for an exception type in perl?

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Does die() do an ob_end_flush()?

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