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Set background color only partially with stylesheets





How can I set the background color for a part of the background like in the following image:

enter image description here

Of course, without border frames, I want to set only the cyan color.

I need to set the length of the left part (cyan) as the percentage of the widget length, e.g 30%.

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daisy Avatar asked Feb 21 '23 11:02


1 Answers

With css I would hack qlineargradient a little bit. Note that edge of cyan may be a little blurry.

        background-color: qlineargradient(x1:0, x2: 1, stop: 0 cyan, stop: 0.29 cyan, stop: 0.2901 white, stop: 1 white);
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Kamil Klimek Avatar answered Feb 23 '23 00:02

Kamil Klimek