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What to do after a force push to Mercurial?

I made the mistake about 3 months ago of doing a force push to Mercurial, and somehow, it has remembered that...so whenever I push now, it forces it by default:

% hg --repository C:\Projects\Sonic\DDSF push --force ssh://

How do I get rid of this setting and go back to the regular pushes?

My team gets mad at me daily because I'm constantly creating new heads and breaking stuff :(

I've checked my .hgrc file and its not there. I've also re-installed the TortoiseHg client in hopes that it would solve this problem but it hasn't.

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misswarren Avatar asked Jan 12 '23 04:01


1 Answers

In TortoiseHG, you can disable the setting as follows:

  1. Go to the "Synchronize" screen via the menu View -> Synchronize or by clicking this button in the toolbar:

  2. Click the "Options" button under the list of commits:
    options button

  3. In the options window, there's a checkbox for the "force push" setting:
    force push settings

By the way, when force is enabled, you should already see this below the "Options" button in step two:
enter image description here

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Christian Specht Avatar answered Mar 15 '23 06:03

Christian Specht