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What is the mercurial equivalent of 'svn cat'?




I want to print the contents of a single file from a remote repository, at a specified revision. How can I do that? In svn, it'd be:

svn cat <path to remote file>


The main thing I want to avoid is cloning the entire repository; some of the ones I'm working with are quite large, and I just need project metadata from a single file within.

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Chris R Avatar asked Feb 25 '23 17:02

Chris R

1 Answers

There's two ways to do what you want:

  1. Clone the repository locally, and execute the appropriate hg cat -r REV FILE against it
  2. Use a web interface that gives access to the remote repository

If you don't have the web interface, then you need to clone.

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Lasse V. Karlsen Avatar answered Mar 04 '23 12:03

Lasse V. Karlsen