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Yield to a IList return type

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Cast an IList to a Collection

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Is there a way to say an IList<xxx> is both a specific class and an interface

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Converting IList<string> to List<string>() [duplicate]

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C# Convert IEnumerable to IList using .ToList()?

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Which interface should I expose a List<T> via?

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How can i do something like IList<T>.Contains(OtherObjectType)?

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What is "further filtering" for iterators?

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Dictionary<StudentType, List<Student>> to IDictionary<StudentType, IList<Student>>?

Why does IList<T> implement IEnumerable<T> and ICollection<T> while ICollection<T> itself implements IEnumerable<T> [duplicate]

Passing List by ref when IList by ref is the method signature

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How to add "Find" function to IList

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How do you work with IList<> in F#?

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IList.Add() overwriting existing data [duplicate]

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Convert a IList<int> collection to a comma separated list

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What should I use as return type of method IEnumerable, IList, Collection or what

Generic list of lists, converting List<List<T>> to IList<IList<T>>

IEnumerable<T> as return value, deferred execution and N-tier applications