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confused in a macro definition

What algorithm is used for "sort" function in Common Lisp?

sorting common-lisp

How do I append a character to the end of a String


Why can't CLISP call certain functions with uninterned names?

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When to use defparameter instead of setf?

Listing currently bound global variables in lisp

How to use sbcl to use shell command

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Difference between flet vs let+funcall

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How can I pass a super-class object to a sub-class constructor?

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Format string for zero padding decimal with sign in front?

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Common Lisp: standalone executable and shared C library

Lisp - Print out () instead of nil for empty list

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Is there any difference between the "for" and "as" keywords in the loop macro?


Exporting anaphoric macros in common lisp packages

Reading structures with typed slots in SBCL

Common Lisp, asdf, tests, compile system with different optimization levels

How to wrap and execute a lisp s-expression by another s-expression?

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Overriding "defun" within a package

How do I compile and run a Common Lisp program from the directory of the .asd file?

common-lisp asdf