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problems with memo.lines.add




I am trying to make a chat application that will post a message into a memo in the form like this:

USERNAME-> Message

but it is posting to my memo like this:


Here is my code:

  cnMaxUserNameLen = 254;
  sUserName: string;
  dwUserNameLen: DWORD;
  text : string;
  dwUserNameLen := cnMaxUserNameLen - 1;
  SetLength(sUserName, cnMaxUserNameLen);
  GetUserName(PChar(sUserName), dwUserNameLen);
  SetLength(sUserName, dwUserNameLen);

  text:= sUserName + '-> ' + edit1.Text;

Any suggestions on how to fix it?

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connorbp Avatar asked Feb 22 '23 08:02


1 Answers

The value returned in dwUserNameLen includes the null-terminator. And you are thus including it in the text. When the string is send to the Windows edit control behind the TMemo, the string is passed as a null-terminated string. And so the stray null from the user name terminates the data transfer.

Change the code like this:

SetLength(sUserName, dwUserNameLen-1);

You should also check the return value of GetUserName in case there is an error, but I will leave that detail to you.

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David Heffernan Avatar answered Mar 07 '23 18:03

David Heffernan