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Mercurial pager extension



Mercurial's pager extension doesn't use the pager for hg status, is this a bug?

Also, when using hg glog -p, the pager is used, but this doesn't conform to the guide: "If no pager is set, the pager extension uses the environment variable $PAGER. If neither pager.pager, nor $PAGER is set, no pager is used." I have no $PAGER set.

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atx Avatar asked Feb 23 '23 20:02


1 Answers

Please see hg help pager:

pager extension - browse command output with an external pager
Below is the default list of commands to be paged:

  attend = annotate, cat, diff, export, glog, log, qdiff

Setting pager.attend to an empty value will cause all commands to be paged.

So it's documented behavior: the status command is not paged by default.

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Martin Geisler Avatar answered Mar 04 '23 13:03

Martin Geisler