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Is there a plugin interface in Toad for Oracle?




We want to get some missing functionality into Toad for Oracle. The goal is to add a menu entry that allows to access and modify the text in the editor.

Is there some documented plugin interface (like for Eclipse) to write extensions for Toad?

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Benjamin Hummel Avatar asked Oct 23 '12 08:10

Benjamin Hummel

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Toad still (2021) lacks a Plugin API or Plugin SDK for developing extensions for Toad.

Following official and not offical answer from Toad's forum:

No, we don’t provide an API for this, but Toad does support command line execution. That means you could call a specific function in Toad via the Automation Designer feature (read the Help) and perform a specific task.

Take a look at the Toad Help on Command Line Syntax and Execute Actions from the Command Line and let me know if this helps.

It sounds a little ironic because Now Toad itself has developed a Plugin for Microsoft SSMS. And it means that Toad uses Plugin API of other software extensively, not providing API itself.

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Dmitry.M Avatar answered Oct 26 '22 05:10