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How to generate UML Diagrams from VS2012 Professional Edition?

For the user of professional edition in VS2012, is there a method to generate the UML (CLASS, SEQUENCE) Diagrams from VS2012?

I have already done implenting my solution project in VS2012. Now i want to generate the class diagram for it.Therefore, if anyone knows about it?

If please help me. Thank you.

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hirosht Avatar asked Mar 23 '23 04:03


2 Answers

As has already been noted, the Professional edition of Visual Studio doesn't allow you to generate sequence diagrams.

An alternative would be to use a proper UML tool, such as Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems. This offers far more modelling capabilities than Visual Studio, and has support for C++, C#, Java and a host of other languages. And yes, it can generate class and sequence diagrams from source and binary code (binary requires the second-cheapest license).

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Uffe Avatar answered Apr 24 '23 21:04


Generating a Sequence Diagram is an Ultimate Feature.

In Visual Studio Ultimate, generate a sequence diagram to help you visualize and understand how the code implements a particular method. A sequence diagram describes an interaction between objects as a series of lifelines and messages. Lifelines represent instances of objects, and messages represent method calls between those objects. You can generate sequence diagrams from Visual C# .NET or Visual Basic .NET code.

Class diagrams are a standard feature of Visual Studio Professional.

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jessehouwing Avatar answered Apr 24 '23 20:04