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Does the order of extern and static matter?

Comparing two files (old and new), I see:

private extern static void SipShowIM(uint dwFlag);

...in the old file, and:

private static extern void SipShowIM(uint dwFlag);

...in the new file.

Why they got changed I don't know; does it matter which comes first, the extern or the static?


Resharper must have done this, because I know I didn't do this (directly) but here's another difference between old:

public volatile static bool ProcessCommands = true;

...and new:

public static volatile bool ProcessCommands = true;
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B. Clay Shannon-B. Crow Raven Avatar asked Mar 24 '23 06:03

B. Clay Shannon-B. Crow Raven

1 Answers

No, the order of those keywords does not matter.

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Servy Avatar answered Apr 01 '23 04:04