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How to create OSX Package that runs Mono application "natively" (Bootstrapper)

Instead of requiring my users to drop to Terminal and start my app via mono <x> command, I'd like to give them an experience of clicking on "X.app" and Mono runtime launches my .NET assemblies.

Anyone done this?

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Brett Veenstra Avatar asked Dec 08 '22 05:12

Brett Veenstra

1 Answers

FYI, MonoDevelop 2.2 (Dec, 2009) has a command line tool called macpack which will build a working Finder ".app" folder structure for you, with the bootstrapper and the correct filter hierarchy. See the MonoDevelop online docs or Google for macpack etc. MonoDevelop itself is pretty far along on OS X, so it's worth the download. The debugger isn't working on OS X yet though.

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Bob Denny Avatar answered Apr 25 '23 07:04

Bob Denny