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Buffer overrun during Garbage Collection: psychic debugging request

Currently testing a C# (.Net 4.5) WPF application built on top of a C++ library (managed, I believe, I didn't write it). For various (practical) reasons, it's running on a server (with VS2012 installed, yes, yuck).

The program hooks up to a camera (via the library) and displays the image frames that it receives.

What's weird is that I'm getting buffer overruns (buffer overflows I could understand). And during Garbage Collection!

A buffer overrun has occurred in App.exe which has corrupted the program's internal state.

Various other potentially useful tidbits of information:

  • Upping the 'throughput' makes it happen sooner (seconds instead of minutes)
  • Running in VS (debug or release) stops it happening at all (or at least delays it longer than I'm prepared to wait)
  • There's no unsafe in my C#, and the only 'esoteric' thing I'm doing is converting a bitmap (from the library) into a BitmapSource(like this).
  • The libraries are compiled for x86, the exe too.

Call stack, same every time:

vcr110_clr0400.dll!__crt_debugger_hook ()   Unknown
clr.dll!___raise_securityfailure () Unknown
clr.dll!___report_gsfailure ()  Unknown
clr.dll!CrawlFrame::SetCurGSCookie(unsigned long *) Unknown
clr.dll!StackFrameIterator::Init(class Thread *,class Frame *,struct _REGDISPLAY *,unsigned int)    Unknown
clr.dll!Thread::StackWalkFramesEx(struct _REGDISPLAY *,enum StackWalkAction (*)(class CrawlFrame *,void *),void *,unsigned int,class Frame *)   Unknown
clr.dll!Thread::StackWalkFrames(enum StackWalkAction (*)(class CrawlFrame *,void *),void *,unsigned int,class Frame *)  Unknown
clr.dll!CNameSpace::GcScanRoots(void (*)(class Object * *,struct ScanContext *,unsigned long),int,int,struct ScanContext *,class GCHeap *)  Unknown
clr.dll!WKS::gc_heap::mark_phase(int,int)   Unknown
clr.dll!WKS::gc_heap::gc1(void) Unknown
clr.dll!WKS::gc_heap::garbage_collect(int)  Unknown
clr.dll!WKS::GCHeap::GarbageCollectGeneration(unsigned int,enum WKS::gc_reason) Unknown
clr.dll!WKS::GCHeap::GarbageCollectTry(int,int,int) Unknown
clr.dll!WKS::GCHeap::GarbageCollect(int,int,int)    Unknown
clr.dll!GCInterface::Collect(int,int)   Unknown
mscorlib.ni.dll!6dcd33e5()  Unknown
[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for mscorlib.ni.dll]   
mscorlib.ni.dll!6dcd33e5()  Unknown
064afa73()  Unknown
clr.dll!MethodTable::FastBox(void * *)  Unknown
clr.dll!MethodTable::CallFinalizer(class Object *)  Unknown
clr.dll!SVR::CallFinalizer(class Object *)  Unknown
clr.dll!SVR::CallFinalizer(class Object *)  Unknown
clr.dll!SVR::CallFinalizer(class Object *)  Unknown
clr.dll!WKS::GCHeap::FinalizerThreadWorker(void *)  Unknown
clr.dll!Thread::DoExtraWorkForFinalizer(void)   Unknown
clr.dll!Thread::DoExtraWorkForFinalizer(void)   Unknown
clr.dll!Thread::DoExtraWorkForFinalizer(void)   Unknown
clr.dll!WKS::GCHeap::FinalizerThreadStart(void *)   Unknown
clr.dll!Thread::intermediateThreadProc(void *)  Unknown
kernel32.dll!@BaseThreadInitThunk@12 () Unknown
ntdll.dll!___RtlUserThreadStart@8 ()    Unknown
ntdll.dll!__RtlUserThreadStart@8 () Unknown
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Benjol Avatar asked Mar 25 '23 01:03


1 Answers

Unlike the v2 CLR, the v4 CLR was built with the Microsoft secure CRT extension enabled. Which include checks that, at function exit, the "stack canary" didn't get overwritten. Enabled by the /GS compiler option.

The likely end of your program in the previous version would have been a Fatal Execution Engine Exception, triggered by the access violation that would have been raised when the function tries to return and the return address got corrupted. It now catches the problem sooner. And more reliably, that corrupted return address could by accident point to valid code. What happens next if that's the case is usually truly undiagnosable. And exploitable.

But the root cause is the same, the GC heap getting corrupted.

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Hans Passant Avatar answered Apr 20 '23 00:04

Hans Passant