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C#: video compression using aforge.net

My application receives a sequence of images (BitmapImage) from external device with rate 30 fps. I'm using Aforge.net library for save the received stream in .avi file. I used the following code for inizializing the AVIWriter:

AVIWriter writer;
writer = new AVIWriter("wmv3");
writer.FrameRate = 30;
writer.Open("test.avi", 320, 240);

And for each frame received I add it in the video stream, with the following code line:


But the generated file is too heavy. (10 secondos corresponds to about 3Mb).

I tryied also setting a low level of writer.Quality , but the result seems the same (just 5-7% less).

So, I need a more efficient compression.

What are the compressions supported in Aforge.net ? What compression should I use in order to reducing the weight of saved file?

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pask23 Avatar asked Mar 24 '23 21:03


1 Answers

I suspect that interframe compression is not used in AVIWriter (but I may be wrong). You may try to use VideoFileWriter from Aforge.Video.FFMPEG instead:

var writer = new VideoFileWriter();
writer.Open("test.mpg", 320, 240, 30, VideoCodec.Default, 1000);
// add your frame

Remember to put dlls from Externals/ffmpeg/bin from AForge zip into your output directory.

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Matis Avatar answered Apr 05 '23 07:04