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How to add reference `Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestImpact.Client.dll` in Visual Studio 2012?

I'm writing a customized activity for TFS build process workflow, e.g. guideline here.

The post requires to add reference to Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestImpact.Client.dll at path C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL\Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestImpact.Client\ I cannot find this path on my machine installing Visual Studio 2012.

Where would I find this reference?

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Nam G VU Avatar asked Mar 21 '23 00:03

Nam G VU

1 Answers

This is an old thread, but in case anyone else runs into this, just download the stand alone TFS Object Model installer.

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Chris M. Avatar answered Apr 07 '23 22:04

Chris M.