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Get Max value of a dynamic type in C#




I wrote a method in C# which returns Type and based on this type (which is int or long)

private Type GetNumberColumnType(INumberedEntity entity)
    var numberRow = SG.Framework.Numbering.NumberingService.NumberableEntities.Where(ne => ne.GetType().FullName == entity.ToString()).FirstOrDefault();
    var row = (DataRow)numberRow;
    return row.Table.Columns[numberRow.NumberColumnName].DataType;

I want to get:

GetNumberColumnType(INumberedEntity entity).MaxValue 

instead of:

if( GetNumberColumnType(entity) == typeof(long))

What should I do?

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fasadat Avatar asked Mar 22 '23 03:03


1 Answers

If you don't mind using reflection, here's how you go.

var type = GetNumberColumnType(entity);
FieldInfo fi = type.GetField("MaxValue");
if(fi!=null && fi.IsLiteral && !fi.IsInitOnly)
    object value = fi.GetRawConstantValue();

As noted in comments, reflection is expensive, since these are just constants you can just make a lookup

internal class MaxValueCache
    private static readonly Dictionary<Type, object> maxValues = new Dictionary<Type, object>()
        { typeof(int), int.MaxValue},
        { typeof(long), long.MaxValue}

    public static object GetMaxValue(Type type)
        return maxValues[type];

Then use

var type = GetNumberColumnType(entity);
object value = MaxValueCache.GetMaxValue(type);
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Sriram Sakthivel Avatar answered Apr 06 '23 08:04

Sriram Sakthivel